10 Myths About Affiliate Marketing That You Need Know To Succeed

Decided to Learn how to affiliate marketing? Than you should defiantly read on about these myths that have been advertised on scam-y educational programs and various marketers who know nothing about affiliate marketing.


#1 Affiliate Marketing is Easy, Quick and Free

Who said that? Seriously I am asking who started the idea the affiliate marketing is easy quick and free? Yes you could start out free without cost but as you get larger and serious into increasing your income you will eventually start to pay for tools for your website or landing page.

Easy Quick? This is totally off the grid, There is a lot of competition out there and rules and guidelines you need to follow in the big sea like Google and Facebook ads. Just because you set up your site doesn’t mean large traffic from Google will start pouring in. You will be surprised to know only 0.6% of the total affiliate marketers have been in the game since 2013 (according to threeladdersmarketing.com).

The success of affiliate marketing comes down to relationship. As I am building relationship of trust with you (by showing I know what I am talking about) and it goes same to your customers. You want to let your customers or buyers through your link that you are leading them through the path that will ‘benefit’ the reader. And being fresh is another thing to know. You wouldn’t trust a website with comments that have not be replied in months or years. Your website needs to be up-to-date and active.

#2 Only Big niches make money

Wrong, I live off of building various small niches of website myself and I believe this is just a rumor that will lead to your doom. Big niches always has big companies who don’t know anything about affiliate marketing but their vast budget just make it work. You can’t fight them in such big niches. I suggest you go for low hanging fruit!

#3 Affiliate Marketing is The Old School Way

Yes affiliate marketing have been around for years but it’s still a popular job on the web and I know so many people making so much money by taking into the next level. However there are method written on the web that is out dated or doesn’t work any more or actually could get you banned from Google search like robotizing back links. That is why its important that you know the basic first and learn from the most recent method from actual marketers.

#4 Successful Marketers Should get their product on many sites as possible

This is called spamming. And not a very good way to promote your product. It’s best to build your product on a good website and take that website and promote it through various social media. There is a golden rule in AM “Quality Trumps Quantity”.

#5 One Affiliate Program is Enough

uh.. No. Defiantly a Big NO. Offer come up as they come down, and sometimes what you have been promoting disappears one day and you need to find a replacement for your website. It’s never a good idea to build a website just around a product but even if you don’t there are time different network offer similar products or same product on higher cost. So keep your mind open about joining other networks.

#6 The Only Goal in Affiliate Marketing is Commission

No, defiantly not on the long run. We collect lead to email list or phone list to freely advertise similar offers or the same offer to remind a purchase. The advertisement is free and it also let you advertise new offers if you find any that matches your niche. So this is defiantly a no no.

#7 Affiliate Marketing is Saturated

There is unlimited traffic in this world through web and mobile. I do not believe AM is saturated. As long as there is traffic and people with interest there is ways to advertise. AM will never be saturated.

#8 Affiliate Marketing Don’t Need Work As Much

Wrong. When I first started I worked more than others did I worked practically 12 hours a day (yes, I was financially broke) and I get the hang of it now I work like any other people do with their job. Affiliate Marketing is just easy to set up but it doesn’t mean that it’s easy to manage (the right way)

#9 Consumers Don’t like Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing could look like an extra step and therefore annoying. Because they are lead straight to eBay or Amazon. You need to realize that direct linking to product is not a very good way to gain costumers. They want information than going straight to amazon or ebay they actually want to visit your website.

#10 You need to buy a lot of money making product so succeed in Affiliate Marketing 

Sigh… I’ve been there so I know. I have spend so much on education products claiming it’s the next money making button all you need is purchase. I dearly hope anyone reading this post will stop what they are doing and start thinking straight because you don’t need a lot of money making products or educational products to success in Affiliate marketing. For me after using various of (almost all) of marketed products out there I concluded only one that lead me to the correct way. 

Yes affiliate marketing is not easy. But it’s not down right hard either. There are scam-y products but also helpful products out there and you could get a lot of free information on this blog that will help you have that business mindset you need.


Tired of running around in circles? Want to get a head start on Affiliate Marketing take my #1 recommendation on the best educational program that you really need to join and learn and make cash!

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Affiliate Marketing Business Planning Template

There is various of marketing method with Affiliat Marketing the whole planning depends on how and what marketing method you are going to aim for? Read about Various of Way to Affiliate Marketing

Create a Schedule.

If you are going to start an affiliate marketing business, one of thing that is most important is your time. You can’t just spend hour here and than when you are free to create a successful business. Remember Affiliate marketing is not something you can start and end one day and end up rich. A schedule is important like full time job you should build a schedule that works on your life style and yet enough time to spend on your business.

Set a Daily, Monthly and Total Budget

Although affiliate marketing can be inexpensive business to inter it will increase as you become more successfull or go for advertising online. Here are the things that you could invest in the future or already investing on.

  • Computer
  • Internet
  • repair if needed
  • html editors
  • keywords tool
  • email service
  • hosting
  • domain
  • Marketing Plateform : social media, search engine, banners, etc.

Once you get bunch of website getting SEO traffic you would like to participate on search engine advertising to keep the traffic coming. Determine an amount that you can afford, based on your financial situation. Set a good amount of budget to start off.

Clear Goals!

You need a clear goals whether that is for your website, advertising, ppc, etc. Yes starting out is easy however if you start without a decent plan you could end up getting lost as you grow. All that time wasted yikes. It’s best to set goals for your daily month. But please be realistic, don’t set your goal of making $100K/ month when you are investing only $10/day on ppc.

Get Educated!

Most beginner are pretty much lost in this world of Affiliate marketing. You need to learn the business go through forms read every single post you can find about affiliate marketing. However if you just starting out even this task could easily overwhelme you thats why I always, always ask beginners to get college education there are many programs out there but (I’ve been there) there is just so many scams! You could check out my betatesting reviews or go for my most recommend program here.

When building successful affiliate marketing business plane you need to make sure you got these four areas covered inorder to get the first foot right! There is a lot of infomation in this blog and out there for you to start!

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Getting Started With Affiliate Marketing

affiliate beginner guide

Can You Make Income With Affiliate Marketing?

Sure why not? If you are reading this you are most likely looking for extra bucks to spend, pay your college dept, looking for a job to do at home, or to find financial freedom.

The reason why people are diving into Affiliate marketing is because of its perks!

  • Easy entrance, there are ways to do completely free but if you are serious just simple website hosting and domain is all you need. There is no fees, no production cost, no physical store or business location!
  • No employees to work with or pay, Even better no bossy boss to boss you around.
  • Global! You could be any where in the world to do this, and you can reach global!
  • Work from home!
  • Make your own schedule! I hated the wake up in the morning with the alarm clock and getting out of bed before sun is up. These days I wake up as the sun goes down (yikes!)

How to Get Started

To start affiliate marketing you need to find companies that has offers who are looking for affiliate marketers (you!) There is a Lot of options out there and its best to first decide what niche you want to go for and search companies that has offers that fit your niche.

It’s quiet simple go to google and type in “niche affiliate” few of the popular ones that I use and that no joining barrier is these :

Amazon Affiliates (More about Amazon Affiliate Marketing)
Commission Junction 
eBay partner network

Once accepted into the network you can choose your programs that fit well with your content on your site. Go to the network and look around get used to the interface, see what offer there is on the market. Always recommend products that you will use, it’s best to test it out yourself before you start selling them. Readers are not stupid and can tell if you actually tried them or not if it’s just sale-y or something they really find useful.

Various ways of payment

Depending on the affiliate programs there is various ways that you can make a commission. It’s important that you know them before apply for the offer.

Pay Per Click – You get paid when ever people click on the link or banner that directs them off your site into the seller’s website. You get commission just by clicks even if they didn’t make purchase.

Pay Per Sale – Most sellers will go by PPS which you receive percentage of the final sale after a purchase is made using your unique link.

Pay Per Lead – You will receive commission when referred visitor fills out a to a third party site. It could be various type of contact information.

If you found a good affiliate program that fit your website you are ready to make your unique tracking link. This link is what only you can use and the only way for you to get commission is through this unique link only.

Some offers will give you banners, images and other ways to promote your product or service or program. All you to do is copy the html code and paste it on to your website or blog. The clicks are tracked real time and you will receive commission according to the action you need to do.

Tips on Success!

I learn everything I know today through affiliate marketing education program. Here’s some of the tips I learn through the program and through experience.

  1. Do not promote!
    When you first start out don’t fill your website with banners and images and links of offers. Too much advertising will only make your website look like spam and you’ll lose trust from your reader. Again, test out the product yourself and be selective what you offer. I only offer what I recommend and actually used. Remember that you are not selling products but SOLVING PROBLEMS that your readers have. This sort of thinking will help you through your affiliate marketing.
  2. Check out your stats
    Keep on eye of the status. Because something offers can disappear and you could end up advertising and getting no actual commission. Also through the stats you can learn how many clicks you got and how many completed the action you want and how many people leave the site. It will help you determine if you are affiliate marketing the offers correctly and something that your readers are looking for.
  3. Promote Different Ways
    Just placing banner will not make you rich. Just pasting links all over the website also does not make you rich. I found in-depth review of a product works best than banners or images. I like to write about what I promote and let the readers decide if its something they want. Since I tested everything out myself I could be more detailed than anyone else in the market. By being informative right readers will find the right product or service they need.

How was the beginner guide to Affiliate marketing? Do you find this your style of making money online? If you are serious on making full time income than just a simple few buck I suggest you get the correct guidance and education you’ll need in this platform. Affiliate marketing as full income is not something you can learn within few hours. It’s a full College Course! Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot of education program out there but I find them most of them scam. To save your time and energy I suggest you roll into Clickbank University. Read more about the program here.




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MoneyHackerss : MemberSnap Money Making Or Scam?

MoneyHackerss : MemberSnap Money Making Or Scam?

Member Snap by Eric Louviere

  Product Details
Rating 4
Name Member Snap
Owner Eric Louviere
Website Click to Visit
Price $47
Training Limited
Support Limited
Verdict Scam

Creator of Member Snap : Eric Louviere



Who is Eric Louviere, he’s a cool guy and I liked his previous products, and was interested in his fairy new product that is for building membership websites. I did have that tingling tug on the back that this could not be for everyone. I will try to crack is open in this review and you can go off and try. There is a 60 day money back guarantee so if it’s isn’t for you, no worry you’ll get your money back into your pocket. WHAT IS THE PRODUCT ABOUT? MemberSnap is a product that Eric makes you your own membership site. When launching good membership site it’s not that easy. You want insistent Paypal payments, good technical support, support, etc. All of these are packed into the MemberSnap for you to purchase in nice package. This helps you to focus on driving traffic as members into the membership site funnel. I believe this product is not something that you could just do it for a glimpse amount of time and make money. Consistent managing might be needed, this is just one part of making money online.

Peaking Through the Training and Product


  • Great improvement to your website and for your upsell funnel They do provide lessons on how to use the product, and helps with make things better. I find this membership website is great product to increase your income.
  • More Traffic  You will learn to add in some affiliate system to ensure good income. Focus on traffic that this will guarantee good business.


Let’s look at some of the cons this product has.

  • HUGE INVESTMENT There is no question to the quality of the product but it’s a investment to go further. Money sensitive people will not like the consistent payment. Unless you are fully committed to the service, the money can feel waste.
  • Not Free Money Income I do not believe in money making button, but the reason I put in the con is that unless you know what you are doing the earning might be slow. You need to commit into this type of marketing in order to make money out of it. But if you really commit into building a great membership website, this can be your whole new income you can live off with.


It’s email support, opened full 24 hours for 7 days a week! Which I like maybe they can do live chatting for more faster support.

Last Thoughts

I believe this is for people who are really commit to building a membership website. This can be new upsell to your funnel which can give you good consistent flow of income if you really commit your time and effort into it. If you don’t have such intention sorry but this will just waste your time. Go do something else.


Step 1: Watch the long video of intro about his free tips and product
Step 2: Pay through Paypal

Create your account

Create your account

 My #1 Recommendation Why I recommend this than Memeber Snap?

  • Faster Support
  • More in depth training for beginners
  • More User friendly
  • Don’t force payment to proceed

If you like the idea Go see my #1 Recommendation Review My Rating for Affilorama : 4 Stars : LEGIT 

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MoneyHackers : Screw95 Avoid It If You Can

MoneyHackers : Screw95 Avoid It If You Can

Bring The Fresh by Kelly Felix and Mike Long

  Product Details
Rating 3
Name Screw95
Owner Jay Wessman
Website Click to Visit
Price $97
Support Has a Community but Not Active
Verdict Legit but not worth your money

I saw a lot of positive review about this product, people promoting about the product was very promising. I do feel Jay is a cool guy and have put a good product for new affiliate marketers. I went through the product but realized it’s over priced. Yes it’s good videos and all but where is the Support? Where is the more Advanced stuff? Is he really thinking people could make money with a knowledge nothing more than a lick of the juice? Read on for more crack open.



Who is Jay?

He calls himself the “Stoner” and the blog he made is called “The Lady Ass Stoner” I find this brand name very less professional but it work out for him. Giving the idea that if he lazy person like him make money, you can too. Intruding isn’t it? I don’t like the idea he’s implementing, something easy and no work required job. I guess most affiliate marketer doesn’t like this approach on newbies. Because it can be deceiving. Yes I do believe its something anyone can do but it’s bit more than that. He left me with so many questions although I do see it might excite many newbies go get them going. That energy I do like for a beginner to have. (Trust me you’ll need that energy to go on forward)

screw95 inside training

screw95 inside training


Jay provide very high quality videos of step by step on how to do. Even made a nice form for people to discus and ask questions. He teaches a easy way to affiliate marketing in making small niche website with affiliate programs to promote. He generate traffic with keywords and good traffic through quality social networks.


  • Choosing a Niche
  • Building your website
  • Promoting Affiliate Products
  • Driving Search Engine Traffic
  • Driving Social Traffic

I did like the training, it had great videos with high quality. Low loading time, but I do find that the training lacks advance part of the affiliate marketing. Maybe it will benefit the beginners but I do not think it will bring beginners to more advanced and intermediate level.

This Training Lacks

  • WordPress Training – To newbies to WordPress it’s a whole new world to explore. The training needs to have more WordPress training to help new entrepreneur to make it as their second nature
  • Advanced Information – You can’t expect to make real money without Advanced knowledge

Screw95 Overview

Screw95 Bonus Video showing website that he profit out using the method that he trains you.


  • Great Quality Videos
  • Good Training Section
  • Great for newbies to step into Affiliate Maketing


  • Community forum that don’t answer your questions
  • You will get lost on WordPress Training
  • Lacks Support
  • Lacks Advanced Training

Last Thoughts

I do see people benefit out of the training but I guess the good reviews didn’t go to the very end of the training to see that it’s not really money making training, just a part of it. If you feel like you can benefit through the product, I won’t stop you. I do find their videos great to watch and there are things you will learn. However if you are looking for more in depth training with great support check my #1 recommendation.

My Rating for Bring The Fresh : 3 Stars : LEGIT

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How to Make a Perfect Video

How to Make a Perfect Video

This could be for YouTube Channel, your sales video, for your Weber, for your Blog, for your Website, etc. You want your videos to be perfect to make it more profitable whether that is gettign subscribers, or people joining your email list, or it could be jsut getting comments. You want your videos to be ideal and something peple are willing to watch.

Youtube Icon

Youtube Icon

Types of Videos you can Produce

  • Face Time in front of Camera
  • Power Point video
  • Screen cast Video
  • Combination of above

Get a Good Microphone than headset I am currently using Blue Snowball for your iphone. I think it’s great you can get it or if you have better recommendation let me know on the comment below.

Get some good lighting, I find 2 lamps pointing at you is okay. If you can’t invest using natural sunlight is beautiful way to do lightening for free. Or you can use LED bulbs.

What To Do Before You Shoot!

  1. Cleans your camera, sometimes finger prints can give blurriness
  2. Have the Camera to your eye level or slightly higher for that model angel look
  3. Turn off Auto Focus – I find makes the whole video a mess focus changing too often makes your reader eyes hurt and disturb focus.
  4. Consistency in the beginning and End – You know how those brand videos have their logo on the front and on the back their usual recommendation or ending music? You don’t need to be professional and make those professional-like endings or beginnings. You could just give a consistency of your greetings. This can bring traffic and subscribers to your video. Also helps readers to remember you better
  5. Always mention your name and brand in your videos – all part of brand marketing

SEO Your YouTube!

  • Use your Main Keywords in the Title
  • Always put URL in description 1st – this attracts people to click and read on than text on first sight.
  • Create a long description below URL – this could be about what you are promoting in the video, your website, social media, etc. It could be the overall summary of your video, allowing you to use more keywords related to the video which will help with ranking.
  • Create a custom thumbnail for consistent brand marketing
  • Put in your keywords on Tags – this is for more accurate traffic targeting
  • Decide if you want your video to be embedded or not, in the advance tab and sharing.
  • Disable your YouTube Comments. I find them nothing but spam comments. You can let people comment if your prefer but this is just a personal preference.
  • I like to use Google+ Social Stream instead of YouTube Comments. – It’s must more easy to manage and it doesn’t effect your YouTube Ranking at all.
  • Share it on Google+ – Google likes stuff that uses a lot of their things. (YouTube and Google+ is all Google’s *hint hint*)
  • Finish your sentence in Google+ asking your audience to comment!

Advertising… Should You do it?

Well, this will depend on what your video’s about, I tend to say okay with ads that you can skip or that pops under but the one that you make your views see the whole thing for 15 sec can really irritate your viewers. Unless you are sure your viewers will really want to watch the video I suggest you don’t do this.

In the End of EACH Video

  1. Call to Action! Ask people to subscribe! or see next video by linking them
  2. Did you know you can do your own ads inside your videos? – your ad will pop bottom left part of the video! Really brings in traffic.

Do you have a Burning Question about YouTube marketing? Ask me in the comments below and I love to help you out!

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Ultimate List of Words for that Convert

Ultimate List of Words for that Convert

For successful post, eBook, website, advertisement, etc. Word is very important. Yes you can make visual image or videos but you still need to use “words” to engage with the visitor and lead them to do what you intend. Just by changing the way you choose your words it will really change your income. That is why big company hair marketing experts, have you hear them speak? They speak perfectly that only benefits their products.

Words That Convert

Words That Convert

The words that I am going to introduce is ‘Great Words’ that motivate your visiter brain to act. While negative words that I advice you not to use releases stress producing hormones. Great book about this that I liked was ‘Words Can Change Your Brain

Let’s see an Example : ‘SCAM’

What I see often these days with reviews are titles like “Is it Scam?” or “It’s Legit” Well, is it scam does catch the eye but I already have negative feeling as I click the post to read. What ever you try to sell, might not sell as much as post that has more positive word ‘legit’ or ‘Reputable’ these will create a better response. Let say we give the sentence overall positive meaning. “This is NOT a Scam!” The world SCAM already created negative feeling EVEN if the sentence is positive. But it doesn’t mean you should not use review.

Top Most Powerful Word : I suggest you use these words in headlines and first paragraph in your content

  1. YOU – People can relate immediately
  2. Result – Gives the feeling their purchase is rationalized
  3. Health – Powerful as human nature for living is strong.  Great if it applies to your product.
  4. Guarantee – Gives safe purchase feeling, though internet this does not work
  5. Discover – gives excitement!
  6. Love – Always the all time favorite
  7. Safety – For health niche
  8. Save – We all love to profit
  9. New – We all love shiny new toys 🙂 I am easily distracted to shiny new toys.
  10. Free – Raise your had if you hate free stuff! This gives the people feel they are being empowered.
  11. Because – Helps giving reasons
  12. Instantly – fast satisfaction gives great feeling

More Words that Influence

  • Now
  • Suddenly
  • Announcing
  • introducing
  • Improvement
  • Amazing
  • Sensational
  • Remarkable
  • Revolutionary
  • Startling
  • Miracle
  • Magic
  • Offer
  • Quick
  • Easy
  • Wanted
  • Challenge
  • Compare
  • Bargain
  • Hurry

Great Closing paragraphs

  • Get Started
  • Learn More
  • Summarize
  • In Conclusion
  • I encourage You
  • Let Others Know

Do you know more words that convert for you! Let us know below on the comments!

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MoneyHackers : Is Bring The Fresh Worth It?

MoneyHackers : Bring The Fresh Promise You Deserve

Bring The Fresh by Kelly Felix and Mike Long

  Product Details
Rating 3
Name Bring The Fresh
Owner Kelly Felix and Mike Long(2013 Split)
Website Click to Visit
Price $7 trial, one time payment of $89 Lots of Upsells
Support Good but not replied often enough
Verdict Legit but Annoying

After spitting with Mike, Kelly have been building this website strong. Yes I like the training and everything but what annoys me is the consistent upsells and monitoring. You can try out the training for $7 Trial with 60 day money back guarantee.

Bring The Fresh

Bring The Fresh


Both Kelly Felix and Mike Long are great successful internet marketers. Together they set up a site that teach their way of making large income online. Now Kelly alone run the site, with constant updates, to keep you in front of your competitors. Also, in order to adopt to the changes of Google, so that you will not be next victim of Google Panda.

They also provide PDF downloads and community that you can ask for help


They joining payment is $7 for the trial and one time payment of $89. However what this doesn’t include is the upsells that allow you to see some of the categories. It’s called “Full Disclosure” which is $396 (WTF) you can break down the payment for monthly $66 for 6 month.

It feels like you paid for the meal but you need to pay a huge amount to go through the mail meal! It’s not one time payment to get the whole thing. But do they tell you about that when you first pay? No, it’s not there until you get to the point to pay.

I hate that they are asking for extra payment after paying for something that makes you think you paid for all. Their services and up sells also changes quiet often. Kelly used to make ‘done for you website’ depending on the package you had to pay from $500-$2,495. I believe that service is gone now, and for good riddance. I don’t believe in all made and no work guarantee product.

Bring The Fresh Overview

Behind the Scene Video of the Inside – More about the inside


  • BUILDING WEBSITE USING WORDPRESS – Great guild to using WordPress since more website these days are made with WordPress.
  • Good PDF on how to affiliate
  • Video Training and a ton thanks to the long years of update
  • Members Forum provide value
  • Your questions will be answer


  • Almost spammy up sells within the categories
  • Email advertising emails from them that I had to delete
  • Questions is not answered very fast
  • Videos are low in quality
  • Not all the features needed for your website is not provided
  • Payment is not secured – You don’t know that if you need to pay for future new products


They have a good forum but I feel that it needs to be more active to be really helpful to new members. I am surprised with the years of existence they are still not a fast active forums.

Last Thoughts

Amazon does have its con’s but the pros do outweigh them. I hope that through this review you can see potential using Amazon as your income source for your website. Give it a try, see how it turns out. If you want to increase the income stream from Amazon read this personal tips.

My #1 Recommendation

I do like Bring The Fresh training overall but I do not like how they make you pay more and more as you try to get to the juicy part of the training. We should be empowered if we want the up sells or not, BTF don’t give that choice. It’s either pay or miss out a big bunch. Clickbank University gives a bit more choice of up sells. You can choose not to go for up sells and it is still totally okay to go through the training. That is why I will recommend Clickbank Univerity over Bring The Fresh

My Rating for Bring The Fresh : 3 Stars : LEGIT

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How to Buying Traffic, Do Paid Marketing Correctly

Basics to Buying Traffic, Do Paid Marketing Correctly

If you have been making income through organic traffic you might want to leverage that and bring more traffic to increase your income by buying traffic. But if you do not do Paid Traffic the right way you can easily lose a lot of money. You could get a full training from Clickbank University but here I am going to make it simple. to See.

Various Type of Paid Traffic

  • Pay Per Click Ads (PPC)
  • Pay Per Impression (PPI)
  • Banner Ads on Blogs
  • Ads on Mobile Apps
  • Social Media like Facebook advertising, sponsored tweets
  • Video Ads
  • Featured Directory Ads

Programs by Google :

  • Adsense : Placing Ads on Website
  • Adwords : Buying ads for advertising buying keywords or banners in website.

Type of Advertising More Details


Adwords / Bing and Yahoo (They work together) What you need to know is that if you don’t pay attention you might end up paying too much remember to place a good limit for each keyword. You only need to pay when someone clicks on your ad

Banner Ads

Typically based on amount of impressions, you have to supply the banner ads and find place to advertise on sites like buysellads.com

Featured Tweets

You’ll pay for per tweet, More follower the account has the more they will ask you to pay.

Adwords Express

This is for local marketing, for Google Website and Physical Website, you don’t control the keywords but it’s a great to determine how people are searching for the local niche.

Social Media Ads

This type of ads are good for building social presence or list. This is not really for purchase or buyers market because people go to social media for friends and family than purchase. Read more about “Too Much Social Media” post. In Facebook you can conjunction this with a social media contest. I find media contest work the best

How to determine your budget

This is a bit of calculation but it’s not hard I’ll make it as simple as possible.

Let say your Business : Need to sell 200 Candles by the end of Feb

Let’s calculate your budget : $300 per month which means in 30 days you need to make $10 per day. Determine your cost per click by using traffic estimator tool. (this is a whole new post itself)

Now you know your budget limit, make sure you don’t go over it. Than you will not lose so much money.

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Ranking Metrics You Might Be Over Looking

Ranking Metrics You Might Be Over Looking

What is Ranking Metrics?

Ranking metrics are a process action or strategy to get BETTER ranking. This can be on or off your site, ‘Action SEO’ are also included. I suggest you to take this post and print it out for future reference.

Core Ranking Metrics

These are in no particular order or importance or ranking. They are all something that you need to do.

  • Meta Title
    This is your 1st Search Engine Results Page (SERP) impression you’ll be doing. Use your keywords in this, you should do Meta Title for every page. If you have SEO all in One widget you will see it every post you edit on the bottom.
  • Meta Description
    Use nice keywords that describe your post. This is what Google will show in the search result. Do this for every page and post
  • Authorship
    This is a way to make your post more eye-catching. You just need to set up once.
    Here’s a nice Video on how to set up up Google + Authorship.
  • Quality Content
    Please write for the humans, place keywords in 1st paragraph that’s all you need to do for SEO. On the end ask for comments, to get visitors engaged within the post.
  • Heading Tags
    Use H1 for title, H2 for Sub Heading, H3 for subsub heading. But you can just either use H2 or H3 if you want, it still works. It’s best to use them in order. Google will read and understand the heading tag and will pick up for search.
  • Internal Links
    Internal links are links within your website that goes from page to page or goes from post to post. Use keywords to describe where you’re linking to help the readers to understand what they are going to read if they click. Did you know, Google spiders also read these internal links and helps them to understand the website better.
  • External Links
    External links are links to authority sites within your niche. This can be social links, Wikipedia, vendor site etc. You don’t want to buy external links or link your website to junkie website. Google can penalize your website, let’s not go off and buy external links, social media is good enough.


Embed Videos

Embed videos within your content, you can use YouTube videos but it’s best to make videos of your own for branding and letting your readers know that you are a person behind the computer screen. Set the video in the middle of the content is fine. Make sure you go to the YouTube channel and leave a comment. For more about YouTube Marketing Read Here

Google+ Pages are Ranking Juice

Think Google+ Pages are fanpages share texts, photos, links, videos and event on Google+ pages. Google+ Pages have value of ranking for your website.

All these training is what you can learn in more depth within affiliate training program. If you are interested here’s my personal review of the product. Review Here

Do you have more tips to add on to the list? Or is there some of the tips that you often forget? Let me know on the comments below

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