MoneyHackerss : CB Passive Income Another Patric Chan Product, Is It Worth It?

MoneyHackerss : CB Passive Income Worth the Investment?

CB Passive Income by Patric Chan

  Product Details
Rating 3
Name CB Passive Income
Owner Patric Chan
Website Click to Visit
Price $47 (if you try to leave you get $1 trail)
Training Legit
Support Yes but slow
Verdict Legit but only for beginners will see benefit

Creator of Affilorama : Patric Chan

Patric Chan has a high reputation in the word of internet marketing. He had brought out a lot of educational books and help so many people find full-time income online. His reputation is high. I was excited to check his newly product CB Passivie Income.

I watched his introduction video… I noticed, why on earth did he use popular person’s review of a different product? Huh a question there.


Ah, it hit my back when I noticed it was another one of those push button money-making product. Oh Patric, oh Patric what are you doing… Anyways, I decided to check it out anyways, whether it is a scam or not.

The product promises to provide :

  • No need to write content
  • No need to build a membership site or manage it
  • No need to create selling funnel
  • No need to write professional emails for email marketing
  • No need to give support to your subscribers
  • No need to learn anything

Saying that all you need to do is :

  • Make traffic and grow your subscriber list with a free product Patric provides

Does these promises sound too good to be true? Well, there is no such thing as free pass to money-making. I’ve done various ways of internet marketing on how to make money and doing “nothing” will do nothing for you. Instead all the work is done by Patric.

This is even worse than doing nothing, you are essentially giving your money-making method to someone else. Who know what Patric will do behind the screens, because you will not be able to see what he will be doing for your traffic.

  • You will not be able to see the email he is sending to your subscribers, it seems like your poor subscribers will be spammed with products
  • You have no control over what products will be sold to your subscribers
  • You will not know what sold or how many sold or what email did well
  • Your income will totally up to Mr. Chan, if he close down so will your income

CB Passive Income Sale Funnel

  • $47 one time payment ($1 trial if you try to leave than $47 after 14 days)
  • Upsell : Pro Version : $97 (Bug you until you do purchase)
  • Upsell : Cash Series Membership : $47/month or $197/year ($1 trial if you try to leave than $47 after 14 days)

The Pro Version

You get access to your subscribers, you can take the control from Patric

The Membership

Training with videos, which is a lot but I feel it’s bit overpriced. Perhaps for a total newbie this will benefit your business.

I can’t be to mean here, because I do see bit of potential for total newbies. Because to those who just start this kind of marketing called lead marketing, it’s not easy to profit out of it although it has big potential to make money. Because you have to take care of the content, the funnel, your email subscribers. All this have to play together in order to work.

Also if you list out the cost of making one business :

  • Monthly $20 for auto response program installed
  • Monthly $20 for domain and hosting
  • Additional few dollars for squeeze page
  • If you hire professional writer for emails the cost will vary $5~15 for your every blog, website, etc
  • A lot of time-consuming to build all of this it takes a month for a well-trained marketer to build a whole website and rank on Google. (Sometimes it takes more time)

Leverage it with the program it doesn’t sound all too bad. They take away all of that and let you focus on traffic. Because traffic itself can be hard and you’ll have struggles.


They do mention they have a full team, but it’s email supports, which is slow and very limited.

Last Thoughts

I can’t give a big No for this product, nor could I give a big Yes. I will leave the choice up to you, after reading my review if you feel its something that you want to try go for it. For others who already have some knowledge in internet marketing I advice you to not to get this program, you don’t need it.


Step 1 : Pay for the product
or if you wish to try $1 trail try to leave the website you’ll see the pop up
Step 2 : Go through the training

Create your account



Get your Bonus eBook first before you go sign up! Only available to my Readers!


My #1 Recommendation Why I recommend this than CB Passive Income?

  • Have support and 1:1 coaching from the start without upsells
  • Help without extra purchase
  • You can learn everything with a monthly payment or yearly if you want (that’s the only payment you need to do)
  • Weekly webner by youngest riches entrepreneurs
  • Learn to do everything from Start to End YOURSELF

If you like the idea Go see my #1 Recommendation Review

My Rating for Affilorama : 3 Stars : LEGIT

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