Clickbank University Review, Sneak Peak Inside!

Clickbank University Reviews Take a Sneak Peek of The Package!
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Price: 47$ / Month &  $97/month, $797/year & $1 trial offer
Owners: Adam Horitz, Justin Allen


 Bottom LineProduct MADE BY the Affiliate Market itself! Great for Starters and Advance Alike!

Review by Hackerss : Tested everything out.


I personally use clickbank for many reasons, to research the market, product selling and even products to affiliate. I do love their trustworthy payment methods that is much more believable than the seller itself. When I heard they launched a product 6 months ago I there was a $1 trail to test out which I can’t find it any more, either they got rid of that option or its hidden. I think they just got rid of it and instead have 60 day guarantee full refund policy for the purchasers. Anyways, the product overall teaches you how to make money online. I learned a lot about making money through them, this was the reason how I made full time internet marketing income. Plus, it’s so EASY to learn.

What to Expect?

You will learn two things in Clickbank University.

1. Vendor
Create your own product (e.g : physical or digital products) and make a sales funnel (e.g : membership site, training lessons and eBooks upsells) putting them into the marketplace. Than Clickbank affiliate (marketing experts) will get you buyers and you will be giving them commission.

2. Affiliate Marketer
If writing a product is just too hard or complicated there is a bonus class that you can learn to do the affiliate maketing yourself. Commission varies product by product. But the earns you earn will totally depend on the traffic you make. It can be from little to million.

I do both to make money and they both is a elite way of making money online.

Making Money by Turning Your Passion into Business

That’s the overall goal in Clickbank University which I find very good approach for beginners. This basically means you can take anything and make it into profit. The easy Clickbank university Videos will lead you step by step into it. They even have weekly webinars where you can talk with Adam & Justin yourself. Get your answer straight by the youngest entrepreneur in internet marketing. Not only that you can ask within the fast responding community Clickbank University have.

Clickbank University has Upsells….

If you have been having problems with 60 day Full Refund Guarantee, you would not find it with Clickbank, because I have used Clickbank payment system a lot of time. I find it its easier to use clickbank to deal with refund than connecting to the seller. Seller tend to ask too many questions and less willingly to give your money back. Plus they take time trying to convince you to not to ask for refund… How Annoying…

Clickbank its NO QUESTIONS ASKED REFUND GUARANTEE, so far I haven’t heard a review that they couldn’t get refund or Clickbank University annoying them with questions. This will pull the weight off the 49$ payment when you want to give it a try. So it’s risk free, and no harm in just trying out the product.

  •  $47 / month
  • $797 / Year (Discounted Price : they call it Scholarship)


The Upsells is bit high priced but I find that there will be some people who will benefit from this. I believe these upsells are for people who don’t have time to waste. Inorder to learn to do this all manually you need technical teaching and you’ll have to learn to do it all in HTML and maybe have a gaps of understand with CSS. Not only that you’ll have to pay various different hosting and domain which might be cheaper but if you start to increase your company you will need a better organizing.

Clickbank Product made it simple drag and click type of program that you can do this all together in one payment and one place. If you are this type of person who haven’t have time to learn it all Clickbank upsell product can be something you might be interested.

Clickbank University even has step by step video training on how to use their product so you will not get lost using the new tools. I find absolutely gorgeous, when it was manually for me, which took me few months to learn all the knowledge I have now. I would recommend the upsells to people who wish not to waste time learning new codings and start making money quickly.

Clickbank University Masterclass $97 (one time payment)

I wasted a tone of hundred dollars on trash but This? THIS? is absolutely time changing investment. I know it’s not a cheap investment, and I would only suggest this who are more serious and want to get more value out of Clickbank university. There are lots of testimonials out there proclaiming they liked the investment. So did I.



Clickbank training MenuPayment is Paypal But you can use Credit Card too 🙂

Their classes unlocks one week at a time. You can unlock it all together by yearly payment but not everyone wants to do that, unless you are a fast learner. Clickbank University explained its to help newbies not to get overwhelmed by the information and take bits of bits at a time. I am a fast learner I found this down right annoying so I went for yearly payment.

  • Beginners
    (Building your own product this could work for both physical and digital. Learn the correct way to build your sale funnel with upsells)
  • Advanced Courses
    (You’ll learn all the skills need to become successful vendors on Clickbank, by using JV traffic, Paid advertising, make your site Mobile and Web use, Little bit SEO which I hope they add in more information later, and much more…. )
  • Affiliate
    (Advertise other people’s products!)
  • University Talks
    (Various success stories and get inspiration!)
  • Community
    (They did make 1 million sales within 6 month which means they are growing way too fast than the product being updating and growing. So their community isn’t the fastest and bit slow but I could see its much better now as the community grows. So be patient when you ask a questions it will be answered just not fast as you hope it will be)
  • Weekly Live Sections
    (I love weekly live section, learn so much and get inspired, I find them worth much as their classes, don’t miss them! I stayed up in the morning to see it because I live overseas in Asia)


Support, faster than most products out there! You will not be lost or unanswered.



  • Starting Price is High but Risk Free.
    There is no $1 trail or a free trail you have to subscribe their monthly $47 fee, but it’s a full money back for 60 days so you got the first Beginner Classes that you can see without risking to lose the money if you decided you don’t like it.
  • Step by Step Videos
    People are more visual towards Videos than Post. They got the classes filled with Step by Step hgih quality videos to guide you through the process and it’s easy to follow and understand. If you get stuck just ask!
  • Build a Business
    Building a business is never been easy now since Clickbank University arrived. It’s no longer a hard way of doing thing. But maybe you are feeling it might be hard because you have just so many questions blocking you towards YOUR success.
    There is no excuse with Clickbank, it doesn’t matter if you can’t write, fear that your product won’t sell, don’t know what to wrtie, or don’t have a hoby to start on, well clickbank will help you through and answer these questions for you, so stop making excuses to go check out Clickbank!
  • Weekly live trainings
    I don’t care where in the world you are. Go and see the Live training if it means you have to stay up in the morning! You’ll get huge inspiration just for free. You can’t get this even if you offer to pay.
  • Community
    It’s not a huge community yet, the answer will not get answered quick as you wish, but it does get answered and its much better than most. I do believe it will grow and get better as time goes by.


  • Lacks bit of information
    Lacks SEO information. There is lots to know about SEO but frankly the information is barely there.
    In defense :  Adam and Justin is trying to work this out, will be updated.
  • Everything is built around Clickbank
    It’s called CLICKBANK University obviously they are more friendly to “Clickbank”
  • LIMITATION on how much lesson you take
    I personally hated this because I am a fast learner so I just went straight to yearly payment. You can try out the product for a month with full refund option and if you like it change it to yearly so you don’t have that “lock” on your classes.
  • The LONG A$$ Video Upon Sign Up
    Opps, don’t tell mom about my language here, I’ll get my spankings. LOL.
    I have no idea why they force us to see that long A$$ VIDEO when you want to sign up! I did ask them to remove it but its been ignored! Gosh, why do I have to watch the video when I already decided to sign up! Well, keep the volume down and go do something else the payment button will appear shortly.


Step 1: Watch through the (long) video and click the button to purchase
Step 2: Write in your payment options and fill out the form and you are done!
Step 3: Start with your 1st week lesson!

Create your account

Create your account


Remember to Say Hi! I’ll be There!

My username within the community is “gpdlwmfsjt” if you need anything or bit of help or if you are just alone in this vast community and need a start before joining give me a message and I love to help you out.

See you inside the member’s area!

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