Getting Started

Hey everyone, I am Beta Tester, but you can just call me John. Well I am a international Affiliate Marketer meaning I do not live in the US and not a US citizen but I am making my whole living and providing my family by working online using various marketing that online marketers in US people do. That’s the beauty of Online Marketing! You are not restrain to make money like any other online marketer does in the US or UK or Aus, You can be Asian, European, African and yet you can make money online. Online Market is not limited by country it is only limited by your work, your knowledge and your experience.

Yes there is bit of blockage when it comes to internet marketing overseas. The payment method might be different and can be risky sometimes. But I been through all of that and have experience in what to do when it comes to that situation. I can help and guide you through a neat garden road that I made when I first started internet marketing 2012.

I will help you through the internet marketing and way to make your money through online. Before we go furture I need to give you a sense of warning. #1 There is a lot of scams out there that is proclaiming that they make money by only you click a button. I am sorry but there is no such thing, it’s a SCAM to steal your money. #2 If you are lazy you will not get any money online. It’s a rule in this world without work no money. There is no such thing a free ride to richness. #3 You need professional training.

I know there is a lot of website like mine which can help you learn about internet marketing. But to really start to make money you need a bit more professional help and education. Internet marketing is easy and requires no degree of education of some sort (I mean a burger flipper like me did it you can too!) but the information is so fast if you rely only on internet for information. You can easily get the wrong idea or get lost without help.

That is why I suggest you try out where I got my training from Click bank University. This is what I do for living and how I learned to make money online. Without Clickbank University I got my knowledge through blogs and such. I barely could pay the rent, barely could make it through try to feed my family with doing half time jobs. But now, I don’t need to tolerate any more of lame jobs and low paying but high stress jobs. I work at home, in my couch making money with a laptop and internet. That was all!

Now I could finally live the life I want with my wife. Finally make her happy and start bringing decent food on to the table. We even travel now to pay off all the stress I have gone through when we were broke. Are you in a desperate situation like I was? Do you wish to live a life where you don’t want to be tolerating crazy bosses? Or are you just trying to pay the loan and rent? I can help you. I was exactly in your situation when I started online marketing but I went this far and I know you can too.

If you have any questions send a email to

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