10 Myths About Affiliate Marketing That You Need Know To Succeed

Decided to Learn how to affiliate marketing? Than you should defiantly read on about these myths that have been advertised on scam-y educational programs and various marketers who know nothing about affiliate marketing.


#1 Affiliate Marketing is Easy, Quick and Free

Who said that? Seriously I am asking who started the idea the affiliate marketing is easy quick and free? Yes you could start out free without cost but as you get larger and serious into increasing your income you will eventually start to pay for tools for your website or landing page.

Easy Quick? This is totally off the grid, There is a lot of competition out there and rules and guidelines you need to follow in the big sea like Google and Facebook ads. Just because you set up your site doesn’t mean large traffic from Google will start pouring in. You will be surprised to know only 0.6% of the total affiliate marketers have been in the game since 2013 (according to threeladdersmarketing.com).

The success of affiliate marketing comes down to relationship. As I am building relationship of trust with you (by showing I know what I am talking about) and it goes same to your customers. You want to let your customers or buyers through your link that you are leading them through the path that will ‘benefit’ the reader. And being fresh is another thing to know. You wouldn’t trust a website with comments that have not be replied in months or years. Your website needs to be up-to-date and active.

#2 Only Big niches make money

Wrong, I live off of building various small niches of website myself and I believe this is just a rumor that will lead to your doom. Big niches always has big companies who don’t know anything about affiliate marketing but their vast budget just make it work. You can’t fight them in such big niches. I suggest you go for low hanging fruit!

#3 Affiliate Marketing is The Old School Way

Yes affiliate marketing have been around for years but it’s still a popular job on the web and I know so many people making so much money by taking into the next level. However there are method written on the web that is out dated or doesn’t work any more or actually could get you banned from Google search like robotizing back links. That is why its important that you know the basic first and learn from the most recent method from actual marketers.

#4 Successful Marketers Should get their product on many sites as possible

This is called spamming. And not a very good way to promote your product. It’s best to build your product on a good website and take that website and promote it through various social media. There is a golden rule in AM “Quality Trumps Quantity”.

#5 One Affiliate Program is Enough

uh.. No. Defiantly a Big NO. Offer come up as they come down, and sometimes what you have been promoting disappears one day and you need to find a replacement for your website. It’s never a good idea to build a website just around a product but even if you don’t there are time different network offer similar products or same product on higher cost. So keep your mind open about joining other networks.

#6 The Only Goal in Affiliate Marketing is Commission

No, defiantly not on the long run. We collect lead to email list or phone list to freely advertise similar offers or the same offer to remind a purchase. The advertisement is free and it also let you advertise new offers if you find any that matches your niche. So this is defiantly a no no.

#7 Affiliate Marketing is Saturated

There is unlimited traffic in this world through web and mobile. I do not believe AM is saturated. As long as there is traffic and people with interest there is ways to advertise. AM will never be saturated.

#8 Affiliate Marketing Don’t Need Work As Much

Wrong. When I first started I worked more than others did I worked practically 12 hours a day (yes, I was financially broke) and I get the hang of it now I work like any other people do with their job. Affiliate Marketing is just easy to set up but it doesn’t mean that it’s easy to manage (the right way)

#9 Consumers Don’t like Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing could look like an extra step and therefore annoying. Because they are lead straight to eBay or Amazon. You need to realize that direct linking to product is not a very good way to gain costumers. They want information than going straight to amazon or ebay they actually want to visit your website.

#10 You need to buy a lot of money making product so succeed in Affiliate Marketing 

Sigh… I’ve been there so I know. I have spend so much on education products claiming it’s the next money making button all you need is purchase. I dearly hope anyone reading this post will stop what they are doing and start thinking straight because you don’t need a lot of money making products or educational products to success in Affiliate marketing. For me after using various of (almost all) of marketed products out there I concluded only one that lead me to the correct way. 

Yes affiliate marketing is not easy. But it’s not down right hard either. There are scam-y products but also helpful products out there and you could get a lot of free information on this blog that will help you have that business mindset you need.


Tired of running around in circles? Want to get a head start on Affiliate Marketing take my #1 recommendation on the best educational program that you really need to join and learn and make cash!

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