Getting Started With Affiliate Marketing

affiliate beginner guide

Can You Make Income With Affiliate Marketing?

Sure why not? If you are reading this you are most likely looking for extra bucks to spend, pay your college dept, looking for a job to do at home, or to find financial freedom.

The reason why people are diving into Affiliate marketing is because of its perks!

  • Easy entrance, there are ways to do completely free but if you are serious just simple website hosting and domain is all you need. There is no fees, no production cost, no physical store or business location!
  • No employees to work with or pay, Even better no bossy boss to boss you around.
  • Global! You could be any where in the world to do this, and you can reach global!
  • Work from home!
  • Make your own schedule! I hated the wake up in the morning with the alarm clock and getting out of bed before sun is up. These days I wake up as the sun goes down (yikes!)

How to Get Started

To start affiliate marketing you need to find companies that has offers who are looking for affiliate marketers (you!) There is a Lot of options out there and its best to first decide what niche you want to go for and search companies that has offers that fit your niche.

It’s quiet simple go to google and type in “niche affiliate” few of the popular ones that I use and that no joining barrier is these :
Amazon Affiliates (More about Amazon Affiliate Marketing)
Commission Junction 
eBay partner network

Once accepted into the network you can choose your programs that fit well with your content on your site. Go to the network and look around get used to the interface, see what offer there is on the market. Always recommend products that you will use, it’s best to test it out yourself before you start selling them. Readers are not stupid and can tell if you actually tried them or not if it’s just sale-y or something they really find useful.

Various ways of payment

Depending on the affiliate programs there is various ways that you can make a commission. It’s important that you know them before apply for the offer.

Pay Per Click – You get paid when ever people click on the link or banner that directs them off your site into the seller’s website. You get commission just by clicks even if they didn’t make purchase.

Pay Per Sale – Most sellers will go by PPS which you receive percentage of the final sale after a purchase is made using your unique link.

Pay Per Lead – You will receive commission when referred visitor fills out a to a third party site. It could be various type of contact information.

If you found a good affiliate program that fit your website you are ready to make your unique tracking link. This link is what only you can use and the only way for you to get commission is through this unique link only.

Some offers will give you banners, images and other ways to promote your product or service or program. All you to do is copy the html code and paste it on to your website or blog. The clicks are tracked real time and you will receive commission according to the action you need to do.

Tips on Success!

I learn everything I know today through affiliate marketing education program. Here’s some of the tips I learn through the program and through experience.

  1. Do not promote!
    When you first start out don’t fill your website with banners and images and links of offers. Too much advertising will only make your website look like spam and you’ll lose trust from your reader. Again, test out the product yourself and be selective what you offer. I only offer what I recommend and actually used. Remember that you are not selling products but SOLVING PROBLEMS that your readers have. This sort of thinking will help you through your affiliate marketing.
  2. Check out your stats
    Keep on eye of the status. Because something offers can disappear and you could end up advertising and getting no actual commission. Also through the stats you can learn how many clicks you got and how many completed the action you want and how many people leave the site. It will help you determine if you are affiliate marketing the offers correctly and something that your readers are looking for.
  3. Promote Different Ways
    Just placing banner will not make you rich. Just pasting links all over the website also does not make you rich. I found in-depth review of a product works best than banners or images. I like to write about what I promote and let the readers decide if its something they want. Since I tested everything out myself I could be more detailed than anyone else in the market. By being informative right readers will find the right product or service they need.

How was the beginner guide to Affiliate marketing? Do you find this your style of making money online? If you are serious on making full time income than just a simple few buck I suggest you get the correct guidance and education you’ll need in this platform. Affiliate marketing as full income is not something you can learn within few hours. It’s a full College Course! Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot of education program out there but I find them most of them scam. To save your time and energy I suggest you roll into Clickbank University. Read more about the program here.




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