MoneyHackerss : MemberSnap Money Making Or Scam?

MoneyHackerss : MemberSnap Money Making Or Scam?

Member Snap by Eric Louviere

  Product Details
Rating 4
Name Member Snap
Owner Eric Louviere
Website Click to Visit
Price $47
Training Limited
Support Limited
Verdict Scam

Creator of Member Snap : Eric Louviere



Who is Eric Louviere, he’s a cool guy and I liked his previous products, and was interested in his fairy new product that is for building membership websites. I did have that tingling tug on the back that this could not be for everyone. I will try to crack is open in this review and you can go off and try. There is a 60 day money back guarantee so if it’s isn’t for you, no worry you’ll get your money back into your pocket. WHAT IS THE PRODUCT ABOUT? MemberSnap is a product that Eric makes you your own membership site. When launching good membership site it’s not that easy. You want insistent Paypal payments, good technical support, support, etc. All of these are packed into the MemberSnap for you to purchase in nice package. This helps you to focus on driving traffic as members into the membership site funnel. I believe this product is not something that you could just do it for a glimpse amount of time and make money. Consistent managing might be needed, this is just one part of making money online.

Peaking Through the Training and Product


  • Great improvement to your website and for your upsell funnel They do provide lessons on how to use the product, and helps with make things better. I find this membership website is great product to increase your income.
  • More Traffic  You will learn to add in some affiliate system to ensure good income. Focus on traffic that this will guarantee good business.


Let’s look at some of the cons this product has.

  • HUGE INVESTMENT There is no question to the quality of the product but it’s a investment to go further. Money sensitive people will not like the consistent payment. Unless you are fully committed to the service, the money can feel waste.
  • Not Free Money Income I do not believe in money making button, but the reason I put in the con is that unless you know what you are doing the earning might be slow. You need to commit into this type of marketing in order to make money out of it. But if you really commit into building a great membership website, this can be your whole new income you can live off with.


It’s email support, opened full 24 hours for 7 days a week! Which I like maybe they can do live chatting for more faster support.

Last Thoughts

I believe this is for people who are really commit to building a membership website. This can be new upsell to your funnel which can give you good consistent flow of income if you really commit your time and effort into it. If you don’t have such intention sorry but this will just waste your time. Go do something else.


Step 1: Watch the long video of intro about his free tips and product
Step 2: Pay through Paypal

Create your account

Create your account

 My #1 Recommendation Why I recommend this than Memeber Snap?

  • Faster Support
  • More in depth training for beginners
  • More User friendly
  • Don’t force payment to proceed

If you like the idea Go see my #1 Recommendation Review My Rating for Affilorama : 4 Stars : LEGIT 

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