MoneyHackers : Screw95 Avoid It If You Can

MoneyHackers : Screw95 Avoid It If You Can

Bring The Fresh by Kelly Felix and Mike Long

  Product Details
Rating 3
Name Screw95
Owner Jay Wessman
Website Click to Visit
Price $97
Support Has a Community but Not Active
Verdict Legit but not worth your money

I saw a lot of positive review about this product, people promoting about the product was very promising. I do feel Jay is a cool guy and have put a good product for new affiliate marketers. I went through the product but realized it’s over priced. Yes it’s good videos and all but where is the Support? Where is the more Advanced stuff? Is he really thinking people could make money with a knowledge nothing more than a lick of the juice? Read on for more crack open.



Who is Jay?

He calls himself the “Stoner” and the blog he made is called “The Lady Ass Stoner” I find this brand name very less professional but it work out for him. Giving the idea that if he lazy person like him make money, you can too. Intruding isn’t it? I don’t like the idea he’s implementing, something easy and no work required job. I guess most affiliate marketer doesn’t like this approach on newbies. Because it can be deceiving. Yes I do believe its something anyone can do but it’s bit more than that. He left me with so many questions although I do see it might excite many newbies go get them going. That energy I do like for a beginner to have. (Trust me you’ll need that energy to go on forward)

screw95 inside training

screw95 inside training


Jay provide very high quality videos of step by step on how to do. Even made a nice form for people to discus and ask questions. He teaches a easy way to affiliate marketing in making small niche website with affiliate programs to promote. He generate traffic with keywords and good traffic through quality social networks.


  • Choosing a Niche
  • Building your website
  • Promoting Affiliate Products
  • Driving Search Engine Traffic
  • Driving Social Traffic

I did like the training, it had great videos with high quality. Low loading time, but I do find that the training lacks advance part of the affiliate marketing. Maybe it will benefit the beginners but I do not think it will bring beginners to more advanced and intermediate level.

This Training Lacks

  • WordPress Training – To newbies to WordPress it’s a whole new world to explore. The training needs to have more WordPress training to help new entrepreneur to make it as their second nature
  • Advanced Information – You can’t expect to make real money without Advanced knowledge

Screw95 Overview

Screw95 Bonus Video showing website that he profit out using the method that he trains you.


  • Great Quality Videos
  • Good Training Section
  • Great for newbies to step into Affiliate Maketing


  • Community forum that don’t answer your questions
  • You will get lost on WordPress Training
  • Lacks Support
  • Lacks Advanced Training

Last Thoughts

I do see people benefit out of the training but I guess the good reviews didn’t go to the very end of the training to see that it’s not really money making training, just a part of it. If you feel like you can benefit through the product, I won’t stop you. I do find their videos great to watch and there are things you will learn. However if you are looking for more in depth training with great support check my #1 recommendation.

My Rating for Bring The Fresh : 3 Stars : LEGIT

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