How to Make a Perfect Video

How to Make a Perfect Video

This could be for YouTube Channel, your sales video, for your Weber, for your Blog, for your Website, etc. You want your videos to be perfect to make it more profitable whether that is gettign subscribers, or people joining your email list, or it could be jsut getting comments. You want your videos to be ideal and something peple are willing to watch.

Youtube Icon

Youtube Icon

Types of Videos you can Produce

  • Face Time in front of Camera
  • Power Point video
  • Screen cast Video
  • Combination of above

Get a Good Microphone than headset I am currently using Blue Snowball for your iphone. I think it’s great you can get it or if you have better recommendation let me know on the comment below.

Get some good lighting, I find 2 lamps pointing at you is okay. If you can’t invest using natural sunlight is beautiful way to do lightening for free. Or you can use LED bulbs.

What To Do Before You Shoot!

  1. Cleans your camera, sometimes finger prints can give blurriness
  2. Have the Camera to your eye level or slightly higher for that model angel look
  3. Turn off Auto Focus – I find makes the whole video a mess focus changing too often makes your reader eyes hurt and disturb focus.
  4. Consistency in the beginning and End – You know how those brand videos have their logo on the front and on the back their usual recommendation or ending music? You don’t need to be professional and make those professional-like endings or beginnings. You could just give a consistency of your greetings. This can bring traffic and subscribers to your video. Also helps readers to remember you better
  5. Always mention your name and brand in your videos – all part of brand marketing

SEO Your YouTube!

  • Use your Main Keywords in the Title
  • Always put URL in description 1st – this attracts people to click and read on than text on first sight.
  • Create a long description below URL – this could be about what you are promoting in the video, your website, social media, etc. It could be the overall summary of your video, allowing you to use more keywords related to the video which will help with ranking.
  • Create a custom thumbnail for consistent brand marketing
  • Put in your keywords on Tags – this is for more accurate traffic targeting
  • Decide if you want your video to be embedded or not, in the advance tab and sharing.
  • Disable your YouTube Comments. I find them nothing but spam comments. You can let people comment if your prefer but this is just a personal preference.
  • I like to use Google+ Social Stream instead of YouTube Comments. – It’s must more easy to manage and it doesn’t effect your YouTube Ranking at all.
  • Share it on Google+ – Google likes stuff that uses a lot of their things. (YouTube and Google+ is all Google’s *hint hint*)
  • Finish your sentence in Google+ asking your audience to comment!

Advertising… Should You do it?

Well, this will depend on what your video’s about, I tend to say okay with ads that you can skip or that pops under but the one that you make your views see the whole thing for 15 sec can really irritate your viewers. Unless you are sure your viewers will really want to watch the video I suggest you don’t do this.

In the End of EACH Video

  1. Call to Action! Ask people to subscribe! or see next video by linking them
  2. Did you know you can do your own ads inside your videos? – your ad will pop bottom left part of the video! Really brings in traffic.

Do you have a Burning Question about YouTube marketing? Ask me in the comments below and I love to help you out!

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