MoneyHackers : Is Bring The Fresh Worth It?

MoneyHackers : Bring The Fresh Promise You Deserve

Bring The Fresh by Kelly Felix and Mike Long

  Product Details
Rating 3
Name Bring The Fresh
Owner Kelly Felix and Mike Long(2013 Split)
Website Click to Visit
Price $7 trial, one time payment of $89 Lots of Upsells
Support Good but not replied often enough
Verdict Legit but Annoying

After spitting with Mike, Kelly have been building this website strong. Yes I like the training and everything but what annoys me is the consistent upsells and monitoring. You can try out the training for $7 Trial with 60 day money back guarantee.

Bring The Fresh

Bring The Fresh


Both Kelly Felix and Mike Long are great successful internet marketers. Together they set up a site that teach their way of making large income online. Now Kelly alone run the site, with constant updates, to keep you in front of your competitors. Also, in order to adopt to the changes of Google, so that you will not be next victim of Google Panda.

They also provide PDF downloads and community that you can ask for help


They joining payment is $7 for the trial and one time payment of $89. However what this doesn’t include is the upsells that allow you to see some of the categories. It’s called “Full Disclosure” which is $396 (WTF) you can break down the payment for monthly $66 for 6 month.

It feels like you paid for the meal but you need to pay a huge amount to go through the mail meal! It’s not one time payment to get the whole thing. But do they tell you about that when you first pay? No, it’s not there until you get to the point to pay.

I hate that they are asking for extra payment after paying for something that makes you think you paid for all. Their services and up sells also changes quiet often. Kelly used to make ‘done for you website’ depending on the package you had to pay from $500-$2,495. I believe that service is gone now, and for good riddance. I don’t believe in all made and no work guarantee product.

Bring The Fresh Overview

Behind the Scene Video of the Inside – More about the inside


  • BUILDING WEBSITE USING WORDPRESS – Great guild to using WordPress since more website these days are made with WordPress.
  • Good PDF on how to affiliate
  • Video Training and a ton thanks to the long years of update
  • Members Forum provide value
  • Your questions will be answer


  • Almost spammy up sells within the categories
  • Email advertising emails from them that I had to delete
  • Questions is not answered very fast
  • Videos are low in quality
  • Not all the features needed for your website is not provided
  • Payment is not secured – You don’t know that if you need to pay for future new products


They have a good forum but I feel that it needs to be more active to be really helpful to new members. I am surprised with the years of existence they are still not a fast active forums.

Last Thoughts

Amazon does have its con’s but the pros do outweigh them. I hope that through this review you can see potential using Amazon as your income source for your website. Give it a try, see how it turns out. If you want to increase the income stream from Amazon read this personal tips.

My #1 Recommendation

I do like Bring The Fresh training overall but I do not like how they make you pay more and more as you try to get to the juicy part of the training. We should be empowered if we want the up sells or not, BTF don’t give that choice. It’s either pay or miss out a big bunch. Clickbank University gives a bit more choice of up sells. You can choose not to go for up sells and it is still totally okay to go through the training. That is why I will recommend Clickbank Univerity over Bring The Fresh

My Rating for Bring The Fresh : 3 Stars : LEGIT

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