How to Buying Traffic, Do Paid Marketing Correctly

Basics to Buying Traffic, Do Paid Marketing Correctly

If you have been making income through organic traffic you might want to leverage that and bring more traffic to increase your income by buying traffic. But if you do not do Paid Traffic the right way you can easily lose a lot of money. You could get a full training from Clickbank University but here I am going to make it simple. to See.

Various Type of Paid Traffic

  • Pay Per Click Ads (PPC)
  • Pay Per Impression (PPI)
  • Banner Ads on Blogs
  • Ads on Mobile Apps
  • Social Media like Facebook advertising, sponsored tweets
  • Video Ads
  • Featured Directory Ads

Programs by Google :

  • Adsense : Placing Ads on Website
  • Adwords : Buying ads for advertising buying keywords or banners in website.

Type of Advertising More Details


Adwords / Bing and Yahoo (They work together) What you need to know is that if you don’t pay attention you might end up paying too much remember to place a good limit for each keyword. You only need to pay when someone clicks on your ad

Banner Ads

Typically based on amount of impressions, you have to supply the banner ads and find place to advertise on sites like

Featured Tweets

You’ll pay for per tweet, More follower the account has the more they will ask you to pay.

Adwords Express

This is for local marketing, for Google Website and Physical Website, you don’t control the keywords but it’s a great to determine how people are searching for the local niche.

Social Media Ads

This type of ads are good for building social presence or list. This is not really for purchase or buyers market because people go to social media for friends and family than purchase. Read more about “Too Much Social Media” post. In Facebook you can conjunction this with a social media contest. I find media contest work the best

How to determine your budget

This is a bit of calculation but it’s not hard I’ll make it as simple as possible.

Let say your Business : Need to sell 200 Candles by the end of Feb

Let’s calculate your budget : $300 per month which means in 30 days you need to make $10 per day. Determine your cost per click by using traffic estimator tool. (this is a whole new post itself)

Now you know your budget limit, make sure you don’t go over it. Than you will not lose so much money.

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