Ranking Metrics You Might Be Over Looking

Ranking Metrics You Might Be Over Looking

What is Ranking Metrics?

Ranking metrics are a process action or strategy to get BETTER ranking. This can be on or off your site, ‘Action SEO’ are also included. I suggest you to take this post and print it out for future reference.

Core Ranking Metrics

These are in no particular order or importance or ranking. They are all something that you need to do.

  • Meta Title
    This is your 1st Search Engine Results Page (SERP) impression you’ll be doing. Use your keywords in this, you should do Meta Title for every page. If you have SEO all in One widget you will see it every post you edit on the bottom.
  • Meta Description
    Use nice keywords that describe your post. This is what Google will show in the search result. Do this for every page and post
  • Authorship
    This is a way to make your post more eye-catching. You just need to set up once.
    Here’s a nice Video on how to set up up Google + Authorship.
  • Quality Content
    Please write for the humans, place keywords in 1st paragraph that’s all you need to do for SEO. On the end ask for comments, to get visitors engaged within the post.
  • Heading Tags
    Use H1 for title, H2 for Sub Heading, H3 for subsub heading. But you can just either use H2 or H3 if you want, it still works. It’s best to use them in order. Google will read and understand the heading tag and will pick up for search.
  • Internal Links
    Internal links are links within your website that goes from page to page or goes from post to post. Use keywords to describe where you’re linking to help the readers to understand what they are going to read if they click. Did you know, Google spiders also read these internal links and helps them to understand the website better.
  • External Links
    External links are links to authority sites within your niche. This can be social links, Wikipedia, vendor site etc. You don’t want to buy external links or link your website to junkie website. Google can penalize your website, let’s not go off and buy external links, social media is good enough.


Embed Videos

Embed videos within your content, you can use YouTube videos but it’s best to make videos of your own for branding and letting your readers know that you are a person behind the computer screen. Set the video in the middle of the content is fine. Make sure you go to the YouTube channel and leave a comment. For more about YouTube Marketing Read Here

Google+ Pages are Ranking Juice

Think Google+ Pages are fanpages share texts, photos, links, videos and event on Google+ pages. Google+ Pages have value of ranking for your website.

All these training is what you can learn in more depth within affiliate training program. If you are interested here’s my personal review of the product. Review Here

Do you have more tips to add on to the list? Or is there some of the tips that you often forget? Let me know on the comments below

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