Can you Profit through Amazon?

Can You Profit Through Amazon? Is It Really Worth Your Effort?

Amazon Associate

Amazon Associate

Amazon is popular market that a lot of affiliate marketer loves to convert it to their income. This is even opened to people all over the world for your blog or website to make more income.

Amazon is picky about who they are allowing to promote their website, grow your website with good quality content. Of course not violating their agreement is a must.

I suggest before you start trying to make way to make money. Focus on building your website before you start sniffing here and there trying to get accepted. Just because you failed doesn’t mean that you can’t apply again.

However is Amazon Worth It?

I know the commission is low and trying to get your traffic to purchase is another thing. You might try to post your amazon affiliate link here and there inside your post and putting up banner here and there. Even try posting it on twitter and Facebook. (Don’t over do it you can be banned) Plus your traffic will not trust you and click that link, if you do not provide enough VALUE.

What gives another raise in the eyebrow about Amazon Associate is the 4% commission. It  means if you sell $10 you earn 80 cent per sale. You’ll need to build a quiet a lot of traffic to make something to called income. You want to aim for products bit higher than that unless you are sure you can build a good amount of traffic to your website. If you aim for higher priced product you can make better commission and less work.

Keep in mind that Amazon isn’t the BEST way to make profitable business online. There are a lot of programs out there and Amazon is just ONE of the programs. It takes proper training to make money in what ever affiliate program you are using. You need proper knowledge and skills to make any affiliate program to work. To do this you are required to have a proper training and coaching.

So Am I Saying Yes to Amazon? Or No?

Bottom Line : I will say Amazon is a well trusted affiliate program that has potential to make good income if you know how.

I often hear how commission rate of Amazon is just too small. If you look at other affiliate programs you can see commission up to 75%! wow that’s a lot than just 4~8% rates.

But there is a difference withe other affiliate programs and amazon. amazon have long build trust on the brand and people are more willing to spend money than on something they saw for the first time. Let take it more personal, are you willing to buy a Amazon kindle eBook or a nice sales pages about a downloadable who-know-what product. You are more willing to spend it on Amazon.

Understand Amazon Funnel

Amazon offers Various Product to YOUR Traffic

Just take a look at PART of the category Amazon sells.


Amazon Sells

This just Part of their market

Product Sale Funnel is well made

They give good product image with sometimes some product has promotion! Like this Fire T Stick.


Even has a good list of review about the product!






Even has Recommendation to the related product to get people to purchase in bulk!



Sometime I use their reviews into marketing, because their reviews get more people to purchase. Linking the amazon link to get people read more reviews in one secret method I use.

Amazon also consistently have nice banners with promotion that you can advertise! Just hand one of these on a post will get people interested.

Read more about tips on making money with Amazon Associate.

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