Non-US Amazon TIN Number Solutions?

Non-US Amazon TIN Number Solutions?

Amazon Taxes

Amazon Taxes

Amazon Associate is one of the most used affiliate resources. Amazon Associate has a vast a mount of product in various niche its perfect for small niche website to look for something to promote on their website.

When you join Amazon you’ll notice that they will ask you to fill out a tax form. They ask you to give a TIN number. If you do not provide this you will lose 30% of your income as tax, it’s a big number to ignore. For individuals you are asked to provide ITIN(International Tax Identification Number), however to get this number it takes months to fulfill. You can instead give EIN(Employer Identification Number) which is much faster and less headache along the way. Something you can do over the PHONE.

I did hear that you could do it online with Skype if you are in America, but for oversea apply phone is the best way. (I fear for my international phone bills this month)

I am no Tax expert, best to ask tax information with an actual people who has the profession in this, you should ask about it through them.

Keep a note that you will be responsible in paying tax in your own country if you are profiting.


Let’s Get Started!

1. Call the IRS

US +1 267 941 1099 this is a direct line that deals with foreign entities who needs EIN located in Philadelphia.  They will be asking you some question if you are non-Us citizen through the phone, you want to say yes to none-US citizen, the time I called it was ‘2’

When I called I had to try calling twice, and was on hold for 30 minutes. So even if you called in during their working hours, keep in mind you might have to try a few times to get a hold of them.

2. They will ask you “Are you applying for EIN”

Say yes, they will ask you what this is for, say it for withholding tax for eBooks.

3. They will ask about SS-4 Form

Say yes. I did! You could also say that you left the papers in the office or just say thank you and call again but I didn’t want to be hanged up and having to try to connect them waiting for another 30 minutes. Trying to get the papers will delay the process, extra fees, and faxing. If you were taught to never lie or whatever reason you just can’t lie just say thank you and call again. there is a chance that they will not ask you this question in the first place.

4. Details

For individual tell them you are ‘sole proprietor’ and your name will be the company name. There is nothing to be complicated your name will be your company in this situation.

They will ask for name, mailing address, phone number, company name (your name here) and the country. You will have to spell out the answers and the lady will spell it out again for you. You want everything here correct.

5. You Got Your EIN!

Note it done confirm it and keep it save and secure. You don’t want to lose for future use. Save it in various places and method you can think of make hundred copies of these in private place.

Filling Out Amazon Tax Form

The forum itself is not hard to fill out, when they ask for TIN this is your EIN number without dashes. Fill out the form and save and continue.

When you see a questions asking “Do you derive the income from which you can claim treaty benefits?” Say yes, this is Amazon income. They will say your withdraw tax percentage is 0%. Yeah Go Baby! Your long hard work is now completed.

Review the forum and see if there is no mistakes. Now copy the forum and put it up on your wall and smile with glee.

Now Are We Done?

Nope sorry to say you still have to fill out W8-BEN forum, sorry you can’t skip or avoid it.

First download the Form (please check if its updated in IRS Homepage), print it out because you have to send it as mail. Official IRS guild to filling the form out. You’ll need three copies for CreateSpace, Smashwords and Amazon KDP

You Must fill Everything Out in Blue Ink

PART I (What you need to fill out)

  1. Full Name
  2. Full name of the country you Live in or pay taxes too
  3. Check : “Individual” unless different
  4. Full Address and street address
  5. Mailing address if it is different
  6. Check “EIN” Fill in your numbers in
  7. Fill in KDP Publisher Number on one form, in another copy for Smashwords write in email addressed in Smashwords, and Createspace member number.

PART II (What you need to fill out)

  1. (9a) Check and write full name of your country
  2. (9b) Check and write your EIN
  3. (10) Fill in number for your country, the country numbers are listed here. I believe Canada is “XII” and UK is “12” and South Africa is “26” (Share down on the comments when you found numbers for another country to save the next person)
    Write in withholding rate, it will depend on your country you can see the full list here(Starting from the first table). I believe its “0” for Canada and United Kingdom.
    Specific Type of income : “Royalties-12, Other” will do
    Explain the Reasons : “beneficial owner is a resident of…” write your full country


PART IV (What you need to fill out)

Sign, Write in the date and wrote “Self” on where it says “Capacity”. Now send them to Amazon KDP, Smashwords, and Create Space Address with Express Post below :

  • Amazon KDP: Attn. Vendor Maintenance, PO Box 80683, Seattle, WA 98108-0683, USA.
  • Smashwords: Tax Compliance Dept., 15951 Los Gatos Blvd., Ste 16 Los Gatoes, CA 95032, USA.
  • CreateSpace: 8329 West Sunset Road, Suite 200, Las Vegas, NV, 89113, USA.

It takes up to one month to process but overall you’re done!

I would like to thank Roz Morris, Sally Clements, and my gracious host for doing all the real legwork on this issue, and whoever first discovered that you could simply phone up and get an EIN. This post merely builds on their hard-won knowledge.

Now you know what to do, I recommend doing EIN instead of ITIN if you don’t have ITIN number. Apply for EIN before you start uploading your product so that you will not get any withholding.

Now you learn how to upload your products online without having to lose 30% of the income. Do you know how to build an empire around it? Read my #1 Training Program review that I recommend to all Affiliate Marketers out there.


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