10 Tips to Increase Your Amazon Associate Income

10 Tips to Increase Your Amazon Associate Income

Amazon Associate

Amazon Associate

If you don’t know if Amazon Associate is your income stream read my review about Amazon Associate. But if you are here to learn how to increase your income through Amazon, read on! I will show you EXACTLY the way I advertise my affiliate link.

Don’t get why Amazon is a profitable market, read my post “Can you Profit through Amazon?”

My Top 10 Tips

1. Choosing your Niche

When I build a new website I choose what I am interested and see if that ‘interest’ has potential to make money. Meaning you need to research how much buyers and sellers are out there. I tend to use Amazon to research the potential of niche. If I am going to build a website about healthy food. I would see what products I can promote, good products will be like blenders, I would then go to Amazon and see some blenders, I tend to see the product variation and reviews(not a must) to see if it a good market to build your website for.

By this you are not only seeing if your niche have potential to make money but you are focusing your traffic to a targeted keywords which increase conversion rates. For example, in this website your traffic has no interest in buying Galaxy phones. They are here to learn and get advice in making money. Some concept, you don’t want to advertise that is unrelated to your niche, people will think you are spam.

2. Link Products Inside Your Content

I like to use this text to link affiliate links. People tend to trust the content more than any part of the site. There is the problem with banner blindness, people naturally ignore banners these days, doesn’t mean to not to do it though, I sometimes upload banner on my other websites, just don’t over use it.

RULES #1 : Just a Good Warning, please don’t over link your content, Google can rank you down because they think your website is not a place people want to stay but leave. I say below 5 links as a rule. So For each product review try to diverse the method to lead your traffic to Amazon which I will explain more

3. Link Buy Now Button

After people read your post they might be wanting to purchase it, you want to make it easy to find, Amazon makes nice buy now buttons and even builds a product image blocks if you want.

HOW TO GET THE LINK : click “link to this page” go to text only.
You will get a HTML looking like this :

<a href="YourAffiliateLink">Product Text</a>

You want to take the YourAffiliateLink and link your picture to this link. If you are using WordPress after you click on the image and click on the top menu bar : Insert/edit Link. Paste your links inside and you want to let it open in your new tap so that your reader can come back to you post to read. Hope I was clear any question ask on the comments.

4. Quality Content is Important

In anything you do, the basic of driving traffic is quality content. Usually on products, review post is the best option, but as long as it is related and good content, your links will convert. This also means give a nice personal insight, images, videos(if you can), comparison graphs, etc.

RULE #2 : Content is the Key for your traffic and converting. Remember to give purchasing option on the end of the post, if you give your reader a good quality review they most likely want to buy the product after reading.

5. Write or Put up banner of Sales and Promos During The Holidays

Amazon will create a great sale page on every holiday, and the deals are good to, so remember to promote those in your post or put up a banner. You will see a great leap in your income through these.

6. Weekly Special Offer Post

I like to do a post once a week, that promotes just deals. This will get your readers coming back to your website weekly and will be more keen to go in and purchase. This might take time for all of your readers to get used to and become active but I find this is a great way to get your readers go for the promotion on Amazon and yet increase your earnings. If weekly is too much go for Monthly. I tend to do weekly on other sites because I don’t only use Amazon as my income ;P

7. Don’t Always Go For The Most Expensive

High priced product may give you better commission but it means lower purchase rates. Cheap product tend to sell better even if you get low commission cheaper product are more easily purchased and even in higher quantity. Try to find the cheapest product for your readers is a good method to convert. More you sell the higher the commission. You can aim for that! To see commission rates see this post.

8. Understand What Method Sells Better With Multiple Tracking ID

You can use multiple tracking ID for different website but you can also track what products or method sells better by creating tracking IDs for each product or method. See what your reader converts better and you can leverage on that. See what product is not converting, see what’s the problem is. Through helps not only to increase your income but you can make your time and effort more profitable by knowing what converts

9. Use Good Website Layout

This is for good user experience for your website, Good user experience will get you more traffic and more conversion. You don’t want a lot of flashy website and banners because it will distract your readers from reading your reviews. Plus the page loading time will increase, which will decrease your traffic and increase jump rates. This will inform the search engine your website is not user-friendly. Probably will drop your page rank. (this is all SEO marketing method)

10. Traffic Traffic Traffic

Send people to Amazon, you might be surprised what you earned. After sending people to Amazon you might notice someone buying a product that cost $400 but you never even discussed in your post! The person who purchased the product just happens to used my affiliate link. This is the fun part of Amazon Affiliate.

Amazon knows how to funnel people through their website, making it so much easier for your buyers to get something that is unrelated to your niche. Let Amazon do their work in marketing various products, you just need to lead your traffic to them.

Still trying to make more money? I always believe the key to success is not how much enthusiastic you are but your knowledge and skill to do it. There are many educational products out there for you to buy, but you’ll soon find out how many scams there are too. If you wish to hear my #1 Recommendation read this sneak peek to the program.

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