How to Hid Affiliate Links, Using .htaccess File

How to Hid Affiliate Links

When people hover over your banner they see a gray link appear on the bottom of their browser.

They either see :


What link look more attractive to you. Number 1 link can discourage some traffic from clicking. Number 2 looks much more attractive and encourages more surfers to click.

Easy Way with WordPress

WordPress has plugin that kindly does this work for you. One great example is Pretty Link.

Another Simple Way

Use a .htaccess file to redirect links. htaccess file will make a redirect to your affiliate link.. To learn how to make .htaccess file you might need to learn a lot of technical stuff but I won’t go explain that here in this post. Instead I’ll show you the easiest way to make redirect.

A Simple Way To Make Link #2

There is many method to make redirect htaccess file. But to make a redirect go to your public_html directory in FTP in your web hosting program. You will either have to edit or create the file. Sometimes it can be hidden from you than go to your FTP client preference and “Turn On” visibility and you will see a text file named .htaccess.

NOTE : If you have to create a htaccess file, that’s a whole another thing. You can see a good method explained here.

Next, type a redirect into your .htacces file something like this


Save the htaccess file and you’re done, you can add more as you need.

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