Create Your First eBook Twice As Fast

Create Your First eBook Twice As Fast

eBooks might sound very hard to you but in fact it quiet much simpler than you think. You could get a full professional training in Clickbank University but this post will be my way of speeding producing eBooks.


Find eBooks that is Selling Well that is in your niche.

Visit the Clickbank Marketplace. First you need to see what the market is craving for. See what’s is selling the most in the market place. See what’s the TOP SELLER in your niche.

Make a Free Online Survey, now ask only ONE questions. “What is your Biggest concern you have about (YOUR NICHE)” follow on with Survey Monkey until you get your survey. Let your respondents answer by using the free from.

Now Promote Your Survey!

Do email marketing or post on forums in your niche, copy and paste your survey as many places as possible. I like to note on my survey saying that write a book all about that niche. I would offer them a discount or a free bonus copy when the book is complete. People will more willing to answer, perhaps with more care.

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