Is Social Media Really The Effect Way To Build Traffic?

Is Social Media Really The Effect Way To Build Traffic to Your Site?

I barely see website that does NOT have at least one Social Media. I start to see people doing more social media and spending a lot of time for it. Social Media traffic is easy to do and cheap traffic you can make. Really? I think differently but let’s take a look.

Social Media

High Jump Rates

When it comes to social media people are tweeting and Facebook every so often that you don’t really read much of the post that you are given. You would favorite a twit 10 times when you have 1000 following. That not really a good rate is it?

What’s more people on Social Media is not really buyers. They are not interest in product and ads. Because they are more interested in spending time with friends and family.

Reliability of Content Is Low

No matter how much you write the post itself isn’t that reliable to the readers. When you see tweets and Facebook post you wonder how much of that is true. Unless the reader already knows you through your website a new visitor might be reluctant to click on your link.

Ad Effectiveness

Let me this, how many time did you click on a Facebook ads in your entire life? For me in None, I didn’t even notice there was Facebook ads until I started to have interest in internet marketing. This is called Banner Blindness. People are blind to banner these days because they become so accustom to it. This is will reduce the click-through rates a lot.

Website Owner Spending Too Much Time On Social Media

I see the biggest mistake people do is spending too much time on social media. People hang themselves with Facebook page and twitter accounts posting and being active. Which is good but it’s not going to benefit as much as the time and effort you put into it.

So, How Should I Use Social Media

1. Engage

Let social media be a way for your readers and you to engage and make connection. This will build trust creating more power to your post.

2. Show That You Are A Real Person

I sometime goof off in a Facebook post and I get so many humorous comments. This is how you should be building your brand, and trust. Start posting updates on your website after this, you’ll see a bigger traffic.

3. Time Yourself

I tend to make it 30 minutes rule. I fiddle around with social media just until 30 minutes. Than close it and get back to writing. This helped me to stop spending too much time on social media (Or I just can’t be stopped)

How much time are you spending on social media Let me know on the comment down below!

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