10 Best Online Marketing Tips From The Experts

10 Best Online Marketing Tips From The Experts

I searched around the web see what the most profitable web masters are saying is their method to success.

Let’s get on to it!

1. Start with a niche that you have knowledge of or interest

This makes the business building process so much easier and less painful. You want to have enough interest to get you going for weeks, months, maybe it will become so big that you need to work for years about. This also gives the business a personal experience helping you to create your own products. Maybe you might already have experience using some of the related product to write review about. Keep in mind that the question YOU have is what people have too. Make that ‘problem’ into your very own product!

2. Explore Offline

I find this very useful when you are seeing what the trend is. Also gives you ideas of content to write! For more information about how to write quality content read here.

Take look around the store markets see what they are promoting and see what products they labeled Best. After that you can take a look at trade magazines.

3. Don’t Always Look For High Search Volume

Search volume is status that you should just overlook, not something that you should hang yourself too. Instead look at Google Trend and set up Google Alerts. Did you know that just with good content in small search volume keywords I have seen many online business out there that build successful website with NO keyword research.

4. Focus on Content Not Design

Don’t go off and changing your website theme every time a new theme comes out. Don’t be so flashy and graphic tech. Because not only this will slow your site loading time, but it will also get readers annoyed and distracting from reading your post.

6. Be Simple

Simple clean layout and post with little distractions work the best! Be clean and simple with layouts and theme. This is the Best Strategy you can have.

7. Write with Purpose

Once you got your website well made, every content should have a keyword theme or topic associate to it. That’s all you need to do for SEO, go on writing for READERS not search engines.

8. Subtle Call to Action

Try not to use commanding voice like NOW! BUY NOW! GO GET IT! GO! Nah, people don’t like that they like to have choice either to buy or not. Best way to do this is by educating your reader and then giving them a choice whether they think its good or not. Try creating a debate on comments.

9. Get Your Channels in Order

You want to use various traffic source than just GOOGLE, because you don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket. I saw this interesting picture long time ago about free traffic.

10. Utilize Social Media

I love to use Google+ as Email marketing alternative. I can engage with my audience within a social group and ask for comments within social. I post everything to Google Plus and drive traffic to that Google Plus link. Why am I doing this? Well, Google Plus is one of the factors that can help you rank. Higher engagement to Google Plus means better ranking to your post.

Tips on organization

11. Set Regular Productivity Goals
keep yourself going by creating milestones
simple checklist can work

12. Have fun
Keep your stress level down while you work, make your work fun. That’s why we started with your work being one of your interest. I like to keep my work space with nice light snack to keep me energized and engaging.

For more in-depth knowledge of marketing you need a more professional training to guide you through the way. Check out my #1 recommendation to all online marketing starters

What is your tip for online marketing

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