MoneyHackerss : Affilorama Affiliate Training Program to Trust?

Affilorama Review – Legit but Expensive…

Affilorama by Mark Ling

  Product Details
Rating 3
Name Affilorama
Owner Mark Ling
Website Click to Visit
Price Free to Join, $67 per Month, $97, $197, $997
Training Legit
Support Limited
Verdict Legit, but expensive


Creator of Affilorama : Mark Ling

Mark Ling has been in the Affiliate Marketing since 1999 and made a lot of successful products teaching others how to make money online. His product is very genuine and each product has proved his reputation. Affilorama is his membership training on how to make money by affiliate marketing.


It is introduced to you as the “Only” program needed. Well it they do offer good amount of tools that work and is effective even today. Although its not really free until you upgrade your membership to higher payment. Even if the quality is good and tools not bad the structure of the program is built to made you HAVE to use the products. When the tools can be easily replaced with different services available online.

There is more to talk about this program.


Affilorama Pricing

The cost is fairly high.

You can join for free : Basic Membership Package

  • Has 100+ free video lessons
  • Free membership tools
  • Member’s tools

$67 / Month : Premium Membership

  • Educational material and tools – teaches you how to be a successful affiliate marketer
  • Affiliate Blogging – Learn to make website from scratch to finish
  • Free hosting for 15 domains
  • Affiliate Tools – analyze website, spot weakness, search high quality website that you can backlink to, social media analyzing, Anything that will hurt your ranking

$97 One Time Fee + $67 monthly fee : Affilotheme

  • 6 WordPress theme very eye catching website
  • Lean to cloak links
  • Aweber, Get respons will be easily installed
  • Cool header creation tool
  • Popovers

$197 One Time Fee + $67 monthly fee : AffilBluePrint

  • 90+ videos Advanced Affiliate Marketing
  • Find profitable niche and related product to make money
  • Get targeted buying potential traffic through your own affiliate sites
  • Increase the earnings to a higher level with PPC
  • 6 WordPress Themes
  • Site building, teaches you how to use FREE tools instead of PAID tools (what a scam… after all the teaching on how to use PAID tools now he teaches you how to use FREE tools, it should be the other way around.)
  • Private Member’s form
  • Chat with the form
  • Learn new updated method

$497 One time fee + $67 / Month : Affilojetpack Membership

  • Mark’s profitable niche packages choose 5 out of 10
  • 15 Newsletter email series, one series per niche
  • Graphics
  • eBooks
  • PLR articles

First thing I don’t like about this program is the high price with just a good quality package, it should either upgrade the package into better quality or lower the cost. All the upgrades and upsells do have great potential. But if you see there are things that you might not really need. Like the TV channels in your house, you go for a membership packages and get 100+ channels but how many of them do you actually see? Same concept, I could see there are helpful information for affiliate but not all of them seem needed.

Second thing I don’t like about this program is the copy content. Some are outdated and since the packages are “reused” it will not stand out with other same website that use the same package. Not only that Google will not rank copied products.

Third, backlinking private blog networks which Google will not rank any more

I do not see why you have to pay so much and so high for membership, when the package clearly doesn’t have the value of the high price. If this was given in a lower price this would definantly be a better rating product. Mostly it is out of date.


Nothing much, because of the product age and such I though their support will be more bigger than this, the community is very quiet for a product with so many members. It take days for a answer and some are out dated to months.

Last Thoughts

I give Pass to Affilorama program, it does have good information for affiliate marketing beginner to go after and study about. Yes some are outdated and is dangerous to use, and the price being incredibly high, the rest I do think I learn something new. So I would say Affilorama as a alternative but never my #1 recommendation.


Step 1 : join for free
Step 2 : go through the free version and if you liked what you see aim for their packages

Create your account

Create your account

My #1 Recommendation Why I recommend this than Affilorama?

  • Have support and 1:1 coaching from the start without extra payment
  • Help without extra purchase
  • You can learn everything with a monthly payment or yearly if you want
  • Updated Information by the Big Merchandise himself
  • Produce a unique product of your own than copying.

If you like the idea Go see my #1 Recommendation Review

My Rating for Affilorama : 3 Stars : LEGIT

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