MoneyHackers : Google Snipers Review – Common Clickbank Scam

Google Snipers Review – Common Clickbank Scam

Google Sniper 3.0 by George Brown

  Product Details
Rating 2.5
Name Google Sniper 3.0
Owner George Brown
Website Click to Visit
Price $1 trial, $47 with $187 upsell
Training Behind Google Time
Support None
Verdict Common Smart Scam Method

This month most popular product in Clickbank is Google Snipers. What I always recommend to affiliate marketers is to use product that is NOT a scam. This will cause trouble in the long run.

However looking at the Gravity(popularity) of the product it’s pretty high, meaning there is a lot of people out there claiming that this product is something you want to try out. Be warned I will rip apart the product’s deepest secrets and show you…. Read on or you will end up like this poor guy here.

Google Sniper 3.0 Results

Google Sniper 3.0 Results

I have no clue how someone can claim they made money with this method but this is the result of actual user. Their return guarantee? the seller have not kept their word having for the buyer go through Clickbank to get the money back.

Creator of Google Sniper : George Brown

My wife said he has a sexy voice. (WTF.. another reason to hate this product, just kidding) Other than his good looks and …sexy voice, he was known for his success when he was only 17 years old. He made over $500,000 in 2010 with this product Google Sniper 1.0. He also gave 50 individuals a full-time job and full-time income through his method. This success quickly went viral, he’s product quickly become huge product.


  1. Sale Video, that’s it on his landing page
    This product basically force you to sit through the sale and has no information that give you the idea of what the product is.
  2. Downsells & Upsells
    When you try to leave the page you will be given a $1 dollar trial to make you a member. This type of product has potential to suck out your pocket before you even know it.
  3. Outrages claims of success – What I learn through online marketing is that success just doesn’t happen like a genie lamp. Becoming rich over night is not possible, showing outrageous claims shows you signs that it’s a scam


Google Sniper is a course about affiliate marketing using one niche website for a product. In order to join you need to pay for $47/month with an email.


What annoys me the most about Google Sniper is the pricing that is different depending on the action you do.

No mentioning of the fees for Upsells

If you look under they mention Sniper X which is a upsell but they mention nothing about the price and what the product is.

Google Snipers 3.0

Google Snipers 3.0

After you click download do you see any mentions about the upsell price? I mean you can’t even find it anywhere. Why are they being so sneaky? If its something that people will invest in they have no reason to “hide” the Upsell?

Google Sniper Upsell

Google Sniper Upsell

I mean why would they even hid about their monthly payment? If you unchecked the “Give me the access to SniperX” the monthly payment will disappear. Very deceptive way of trying to secretly make you do monthly payment.

Google Sniper Product Overview

Sale Tunnel

Sale Tunnel you can see this in JVZoo

 This is the Funnel of the Google Sniper : Google Sniper $47 > Elite Upgrade $187 > Elite Upgrade Downsell (When people try to leave the website) > Case Study Upgrade $97 > Google sniper Membership (Automatically done when you pay for the $47 Google Sniper Payment)

This is all that upsell you will be thrown at before you actually get to the part of the training that you paid. This will annoy you, You will be seeing more upsell and downsells, you might be licking continue without the upgrade button quiet often. Now what you should know, once you paid the product all these upgrades are one click payment, meaning one click of “YES” the money will instantly draw out the money for you. It was made for convenience but Google Snipers took it to their advantage and made a sneaky way to get more money from you.

Training Overview

This is Google Sniper 3.0 right, but you will notice that a lot of Google sniper 2.0 product copy and paste.

The first video you will see in the “Sniper Cash Machine Course” is 16 minute video reasoning with you why you should sell the Google Sniper 3.0 training. Next showing how to do it.

As I go through the training I could tell why accounts are banned. Because Google Sniper 3.0 taught you to use social profiles to advertise for Google Sniper. Simply posting things on Facebook don’t get you banned, but you were told to direct email your friends on Facebook this can be considered spamming.

Second part of Google Sniper is basic thing about WordPress blog, finding niches, finding keywords,  but what I noticed is that it is very outdated and strategies from 2009! Probably another copy paste of old versions of Google Sniper. If you have seen the older version of Google Sniper you will feel like reading your Google Sniper 2.0 again. Without UPDATES

Now the upsell, “Sniper X” Even this training was out dated.

Last part of the training is “Google Sniper Bulletproof Manual” promising its the most recent information out there, to help your site stay ranked. Another copy paste of Google Sniper 2.0 and it’s something you can find for free online.

Overall Opinion about the Training

Google Sniper is outdated, there is even pictures and post dated back to 2009. Internet market change ever so often and outdated source will only get you behind your competitors. Even the upsells seem to be out of date. If you have no idea what internet marketing is, it does have information that you might need, but you can easily find that for free online. I find you will not find any benefit through the product that is worth the money and sneaky blockage.


None, they even mention it will take days, weeks and month for reply. Plus they mention there is no support unless you buy the whole package.

Google Sniper Support

Google Sniper Support

 Last Thoughts

To people who is new to this type of business, and people who are eager and excited these buttons and pages and vocabularies will confuse them. I mean let say the product is really good, than George should have let the product speak for itself not using sneaky ways to rip off more money than you think you are paying. I will not recommend this to anyone especially to people who is new to the industry.

Plus it’s outdated and you will be banned from various sources you used. Your work turn to trash just like that.

My #1 Recommendation

I seen a lot of scams like this one, it takes a long journey to get what you paid for and in the process you are lured to buy other upsells and upgrades. This might not be your first one. If you are tired of the hamster wheel these products are doing to you, you can read my review for a training program that is my #1 recommendation.

Why I recommend this than Google Snipers?

  • Have support and 1:1 coaching from the creaters
  • Fee Help without requirements
  • Teaches you Current Training,
  • Weekly webners
  • Ethical way without having to sell to your friends and family

My Rating for Google Snippers : 2 Stars : SCAM

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