Top 3 Free Text For Your Website

Top 3 Free Text For Your Website

Text on the web all has copy rights, if you haven’t noticed down below of the website it mentions copy rights. However there is text that you can use for free for anything you might use it for. This will not violate copy rights because it is Creative Common Licensed. Full-text Digital Library offering books and corpora as lexical hypertext on Creative Commons License
Committed to accuracy, accessibility and touch-oriented cognitive ergonomics. These texts go dates back to 900 B.C, it’s more than just old!

intratext Poems, Fables, Essays which is all free to use.

wisdomcommons : Everything here is Creative Common, but you cannot use it for commercial purposes.

Let me know if you like this post down below on the comment~, Are you interested in seeing more recomendation for creative common products? check out this page

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