YouTube Affiliate Marketing

YouTube Affiliate Marketing

Bottom Line : Use YouTube To Rank your Website Higher

**This is for Business with a Website**

To rank your website up the latter of Google Page, you need to target good keywords with little competition. You can read more about how to find keywords with little competition.

Just a few years ago, people used squidoo and goatarticles etc. to gain more ranking on their site, however Google no longer give the love their used to give.

Google loved sites that has quality. This haven’t changed. You can write few to many articles as long as it’s a good quality Google will rank it. But this take time and energy, that is why people used Squidoo in the first place to give strength to the article you are writing.

But these days there is something way better than just a squeeze page and article, and that is YouTube. They are ranking eaters. You will noticed low traffic YouTube Videos getting ranked higher than articles that have been ranking that page for years. It’s a obvious choice to use YouTube Video for your SEO.

YouTube Ranking

YouTube Ranking

Yeah you can use Vimeo and Daily Motion but YouTube is Google’s and Google like to use their stuff than others so YouTube outranks all.

You even get your own traffic through YouTube itself, a good way to boost your website in two different traffic source.

If you build a video around the keyword it I have seen videos rank within 72 hours to 5 days.

Long Tail Keywords are the best to go for, Keywords with 3~4 words, I have seen videos that seem to just rank with videos without knowing about SEO or making a website. It means they made it THAT easy!

Things to remember when you upload your video

Youtube Video Manager

This is where you want to go to find your video description. YouTube Video Manager



YouTube Keyword Ranking

You can see where you will adding your keywords in the picture. You can automatically share your video on Google+ and Twitter. YouTube Keyword Ranking

  1. Select one main keyword per video
  2. Title must have your keyword
  3. Description needs to have the keyword
  4. Put a clickable link into your description : your website : your social media, etc.
  5. Put keywords in your tag
  6. Share it to Google+ if you haven’t done it automatically in your video editor
  7. Share you Google+ post to other social media (for Google + ranking)


 Need More Training?

Did you find this useful? Well, Affiliate marketing is a whole new course in college just knowing few information about this and that online will not help you become a millionaire. You need to have a good knowledge in order to be successful online. If you are looking for a more professional training from A-Z check out my #1 most recommended affiliate marketing training. Go see the review here.

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