Searching the Right Keyword


Online Business can be difficult, if you have been trying to rank a website or start an online business, by now you probably know that content is important. For that content to give strength to your website you should know that you need to search the right keyword.

This takes time and can be hard to follow through but let me make it EASIER for you, follow these simple step into making your post.


Step 1 : Ideas

There are many ways to get ideas to write a content with, I will mention 3 method

Method 1 : Offline, Your Daily Life

I like to take around a recorder and record stuff that people talk about and what I talk about, its interesting how you end up with various topics to write about and something a live person is interested in reading. If recording stuff is too much a hassle for you, just look around the shops and visit a coffee shop with a good view of the city. See your related niche what they are advertising and selling, what are they are promoting or saying. Pick up a magazine of your niche, read through see what is the trend. You’ll find loads of ideas.

I don’t buy the magazine I just hangout a book store and just browse through and note down ideas that seems interesting.

Method 2 : Online Keyword Research

When I don’t’ feel like going out to the book store and such I would just search up google for ideas. There are few factors that I am looking for

  • Ideas
  • Search Volume
  • Competition

To search I use the following methods

1. Alphabet Soup Technique
2. Google


Alphabet Soup technique is all about using the power of Google Instant and let Google give you suggestion as you type. Let me Show you.

Niche : Writing content

Google Keyword Alphabet Soup Technic

Google Keyword Alphabet Soup Technic



You can see what people are searching for thanks to the Google suggests I could get ideas for keywords

  • “Writing content for the web”
  • “Writing content for SEO”

This can be your main keywords but that’s not all to alphabet Soup Technique, you can start adding alphabet for additional suggestion.

Google Keyword Alphabet Soup Technic

Google Keyword Alphabet Soup Technic



Ideas I picked up that I liked


  • Writing content and focus
  • Writing content analysis


  • Writing Content for Social media
  • Writing Content for your Website


  • Web content writing jobs
  • Writing content jobs

You can go on and on with the alphabet, if you just like to the full list in one click I like to use a free tool, Keyword suggestion Ubersuggest.

You can see the entire process in Video, check out the walk through!


For traffic amount and competition I like to use Google Keyword Tool which works good enough for me. Because it’s too long to explain everything here you can see my in-depth on how to use Google AdWords : Tool


The biggest mistake people do when writing content is they are writing for search engines. You don’t want to do this, it’s the biggest mistake people do when writing a content.


Guess the answer : Who Buys From you?

  1. Google
  2. Your Readers

This alone can gets you started on writing good quality content that your readers will convert and search engine will follow. Search Engines are not stupid, they are extremely clever than you think. They know if you are writing for them or the reader. So don’t try to work around it WILL NOT work.


Bullet point can help you with writing this works for me. Maybe it will work for you or not but this really helps me brainstorm what the post is going to be about. Since I tend to leak out into different subject I need my bullet points to keep me in track.

*Online Business key method is content and content needs good keyword
*Getting Article Ideas
*Offline through magazine, take a look at shop with similar niche
*Online 2 method that I use Alphabet Soup Technic, Google Tools
*Writing content with Bullet points

This is how you do it! Easy huh? It took me to get used to it but now it’s a second nature to me to write post like this.


This is my order of how I write a post

  1. I care a lot about opening paragraph, let people know what they are going to read.
  2. Just write follow your bullet point but can be changed as you write. (It’s doesn’t need to be perfect! You edit later)
  3. Add Images (I find the pictures should either take the whole space or placed on the right. Because if it’s on the left it kinda disturbs the reading.)
  4. Last Paragraph Summarize! It should be about how you ‘solved’ or ‘answer’ the question of your article
  5. Add in engagement within the comment area (yup ask, because they will not until you do!)
  6. Share it yourself on Google+ and Reddit


Well, that’s how I write articles and I hope this step by step helped you write your own content. As soon as you get used to this process you will be start making brilliant post for your website. Just be patient and have some fun, What makes everything hard is you.

Now that you know how to start all this information is based on training you get in depth within the my most recommend affiliate training. You can learn much more about the next step and making profit in the training. To read more about my #1 Recommendation Affiliate Training read the review here.

What is YOUR biggest hardship when writing? Let me know down on the comments below! If you have any questions I’ll be more than happy to answer.

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